We’re Moving!

In short, go to www.muzesoftware.com for all the latest updates and news!

In our re-modelling of the company, we have made the decision to merge the Pixel Art website into the new Muze Software website. This will keep things easier to use, and will create a more welcome experience we hope!

This website will remain open until we decide to close it, most likely still a few months away. Any updates will now be published on www.muzesoftware.com along with any information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us as support@muzesoftware.com.


Pixel Art v5.0 – Screenshots

Even though we only announced it yesterday, we have spent quite a bit of time working on it, and we are ready to reveal the first screenshots of it to the public! Remember, this is only a Beta, so things may change!




As you can tell, we have made an entirely new icon to help bring in the Metro UI. Also, we redesigned the UI to also follow the Metro UI in every nook and cranny of the program!

The traditional menu is also gone as you can see, and has been replaced by the Windows 8 App menu, which can be brought up by right-clicking (don’t worry, there’s a first run help window if you forget).

So, be sure to download Pixel Art v5.0 when it gets released on September 8, 2012!

Pixel Art v5.0 – Coming Soon

Wow, it really has been a while, but we are starting to get back into our “groove”, and we are back working on the next version of Pixel Art, v5.0! Now, what will be so new in this version?

If you have downloaded Muze Jolt v3.0, you will know that we are striving to update as many of our programs to feature the Metro UI as possible, Muze Jolt being the first, and Pixel Art v5.0 being the second. What will this look like? We cannot reveal it just yet as it is still in the early stage of development, but trust us, it is looking really good so far!

Pixel Art v5.0 is currently set for release on September 8, 2012* to help celebrate Pixel Art being around for a year!

*Please note that this release date is subject to change without prior notice.

What Have We Been Up To

Well, we basically are enjoying our summer while it’s here, and we will admit, not a lot of work on Pixel Art has been done, mainly because we haven’t had the time, but also, we don’t really have anything else to add to it! We have basically gotten it to where we are happy with it, and it performs as we wanted, and we couldn’t be happier!

Now, with that said, we are looking at a new design for the fall to celebrate Pixel Art being a year old, and more information should be coming on that soon, but for now, enjoy your summer!

Pixel Art v4.2 – Out Now

This isn’t as major of an update as previous updates, but it does address some performance and stability issues and improves the overall stability of the program. Also, there is work and preparations done for Muze Unifying Network behind the scenes. You can download it from the link below, and it is pending on our other websites that host the setup.

Pixel Art v4.2 Setup.exe: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?7cudjqvxr28898t

Possibility Of No Updates Throughout The Summer

With Summer quickly approaching, it is usually the time when either developers slow down, or kick up a notch, but for us, it may be neither.

Since our lead developer is getting a surgery done, he will be basically stuck in bed for 2 months, starting in the beginning of July, meaning that there may be no updates in July or August, with updates hopefully returning in September.

Remember, this is not yet written in stone, so anything could change.

Pixel Art Getting The Metro UI?

We want to hear from you guys! With a lot more programs harnessing the Metro UI, we wanted to know if you want to see Pixel Art be the next to join them! Let us know below!

Pixel Art Custom Themes

Pixel Art hasn’t seen a new theme for a while (excluding the recently added Minecraft theme for the 900 square window), and we feel like we are holding you back, so we are going to turn things up a notch.

In a future update of Pixel Art, we will be adding the option for the user to add their own background into Pixel Art! Now, to avoid distorted images, we are providing you with the recommended size for perfect quality images:

  • 400 Square Window: 562 x 329 px
  • 900 Square Window: 701 x 456 px

So, we hope that you are looking forward to this update as much as we are!

Pixel Art v4.1 – Out Now

Yes, you read it right, Pixel Art v4.1 has been pushed up a month! What does this mean? The two previously announced features for v4.0.1 are included, but now the theme that was set for v4.1, Minecraft, is now featured in this update! We hope that you enjoy it, as it is the most requested theme, and has been since the original Minecraft theme!

To download, use either the auto-updater within Pixel Art, or click the download link below!

Pixel Art v4.1 Setup.exe: http://www.mediafire.com/?kv4r7s2w61q6p3v

Future Updates

With Pixel Art going public with Version 4.0, we feel that we need to pick up the pace and give what the users want, which is why we are going to move Pixel Art onto a monthly schedule, with a new release every second Saturday of each month (this release schedule is subject to change without prior notice), starting with v4.0.1!

But with this, we need to start planning in advanced what each version should have, and we have always felt that at Muze Software Inc., we would let you know what we’re adding as soon as it is added and is stable!

Version 4.0.1
This is a minor release that is coming out on May 12, 2012. It disables the auto-updater in the 900 square window to avoid seeing it twice. Also, it adds the Creative Commons icon in the ‘About’ window.

Version 4.1
Yes, this version is already in the works, and based on our new schedule, is set for release June 9, 2012. So far, we have added the Minecraft theme for the 900 square window, and hope to add a couple more themes into the program.