First Review – Pixel Art RC1

The following is an exact quote of a review written by one of our early testers. Enjoy the following review!

“Users will be greeted to a simple and an easy, user friendly interface which anyone of all ages can use. I found this program very easy to use on the first time I opened it and immediately created a wonderful piece of Muze history which is a great example to the possibilities of the usage of this program.

One of the great features of this program is the ability to show or hide the grid in which you can see where the individual pixels go. Most times (in my personal experience) I would use the grid and when I get a substantial amount of work done I will hide the grid to sort of “preview” the end product before saving.

The only downside on saving however is you cannot reopen other previous files but an upside is there are three file types you can save your image as and these include .bmp (the fastest and most recommended for this program), .jpg (not as recommended), and .png (for higher quality). When transferring the .bmp through an external program (i.e. Skype, or any other chat service) the transfer time is outstanding!

Another downside (which can also be the upside for the coders) would be the limited space of 20×20 pixels (400 pixels in total) which for the coders took a while to code each individual pixel. In my honest opinion if any more were to be added I would give extra pixels keeping the square ratio in mind, so we would be looking at a 30×30 (900 pixels). Now I know this is a long stretch for time but it would be worth the time and if also you would need a ‘Lite’ program and a ‘Pro’ program to separate features (i.e. more pixels in the Pro vs. Less in the Lite or Themes or Hiding the Grid). So a lot of time would be taken out of the coders to make a Pro version possible (5 – 7 months is my guesstimate).

The themes will be available upon release and you will still be able to hide and show the grid for now but one thing is for certain… if there was ever to be a sold release of this project the approximate price would be $2.50 CDN. This is a shared idea however not confirmed yet.

All in all this program took 4 months in the making plus all the beta testing Pixel Art has gone through to finalize the beta stage. Most likely the Release Candidate will be put out and you will get a taste of what is to come.

So I definitely recommend this for those who have an artistic side or just want to have fun. This all together with the amount of coding, testing, and back story, have an overall score of 9.5 / 10.”


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