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Detailed Reason For Delay

So earlier today, we made a quick post saying that Pixel Art v2.0 will be delayed by 2 weeks. The reasoning why is that, instead of releasing v2.0 and then v3.0 (which was planned for release in late January), we are just going to combine the two updates and make v2.0 an even bigger update! What will be in this update? Everything that we mentioned before and one more thing, but we are saving that up until it’s release on December 17. This will mean that there will be two surprises on that day, so be sure to check out this website on December 17 to find out what they are!


Pixel Art v2.0 – Release Date Delayed

Due to a feature that will be in Pixel Art v2.0, we have to hold back the release date until December 17, which is also the day of the big surprise for the entire world, but also, if you have access to Pixel Art, you will be greeted with another surprise! So, we apologize for the delay, but it will be worth it!

Special Surprise Coming Soon

This is a very short update just stating that be sure to check our website on December 17 for a special surprise that you won’t want to miss out on!

Pixel Art v2.0 – Release Date

After just more than a month in the works, we have finalized Pixel Art v2.0 and it is ready for release! So, if you have exclusive access to it, then be sure to simply launch the program, click ‘Download Update’ and download and install v2.0! See you in a week!

Pixel Art v2.0 Beta 2 – Ends Saturday

We are over half way done the Beta testing stage for Pixel Art v2.0, and we feel that it will be ready for release for December 17, one week before Christmas! So, get ready to download this new version if you have access to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

For our third and final post for today, we are going to address some of the most frequently asked questions that we have gotten in our inbox regarding Pixel Art.

Why is Pixel Art not available for the public without a serial?
Pixel Art is available for anyone to download, but it does require a serial code to use. This is due to the auto-updater going through a public server that anyone can just get access to and download the program for free, but this way, we can track and control who has access to it. The reasoning for the serial code is that there has been too much work put into it to just distribute it for nothing, but we hope that one day it will be made available for everyone for a price of course, but very inexpensive.

Why is Pixel Art not free yet more advance programs are?
This is because the team working on Pixel Art is less than 5 people, therefore there is more work to be done by each person, whereas a more advanced program such as Paint.NET is free partially because their team is most likely bigger and less work has to be done by each person.

Why aren’t there more themes in Pixel Art?
Themes, like everything, take time to code, develop and test to make sure that they work correctly. We are trying to listen to what you want as a theme and add it in, and currently (as of Pixel Art v2.0 Beta 2) there are a total of 9 different themes from the basic blue theme to a world of Minecraft.

Why are there only 400 squares?
First off, we cannot believe that you counted all of them, so congrats for that! Secondly, coding the squares with less than 5 people is really a lot of work, and took us months upon month to do, which is why there is only 400 of them, but maybe one day there will be more, but not right now.

Why are there only 20 colours?
Those 20 colours are the default colours that are seen in Microsoft Paint 6.1, which is the most commonly used beginner program, which is why we chose those colours. We have plans to add more colours in the future, but not right now as there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Why is there no way to save a project and edit it at a later time?
This is a major thing that we want to add, but we are still exploring different ways to do this quickly and easily, but this is the main feature that we want to add the most, so when we get the chance and find a way to do it, we will!

Why are there only 3 picture file types?
.jpg, .png and .bmp are the most common image types, which is why we use those three. No other types have been requested, therefore we do not feel the need to add more.

Minecraft Theme

In our last post, we mentioned that a theme based on Mojang’s hit game Minecraft will be available in v2.0. Well, we have finished coding it and here is the end result which will be available when the final version launches mid-December!


Pixel Art & Minecraft

Hello again!

A week has passed since Pixel Art v2.0 Beta came out, and we’re now back to announce something cool! A lot of people have been asking us if our inspiration came from Mojang’s Minecraft, a sandbox game where you can create things all in the land of pixels, similar to pictures made in Pixel Art. Well, no, Minecraft is not the inspiration, but we are fans of the game, which is why we are planning a special theme in Pixel Art v2.0 that is based off of Minecraft! We currently have no images of it yet, as it is being entirely developed in Pixel Art!

Pixel Art v2.0 – Information & Screenshots

Well, in the last update, we sort of left you on a cliff hanger with only the icon (for Alpha 1, it may change without notice), but we’re here today to reveal screenshots of the new themes and User Interface!

This is the theme Classic or known as Default in Pixel Art v1.0 – v1.2.

Blue & Green
This is the theme Blue & Green.

Orange & Pink
This is the theme Orange & Pink.

Windows Vista
This is the theme Windows Vista.

Windows 7
This is the theme Windows 7.

Gray Waves
This is a new theme to Pixel Art v2.0 known as Gray Waves because of it’s dark gray to light gray gradient top that fades into a light gray across the window. This theme was originally known as Adobe CS5 from Pixel Art v1.2, but was never put into the program until v2.0.

This is the new default theme and also a new theme to Pixel Art v2.0 known as Retro because of its bright and calming colours, and is also the first theme to Pixel Art that has an entirely gradient window.

So those are currently all the themes in Pixel Art v2.0, and we plan on adding one or two more to the final product, which brings us onto the topic of the release schedule.

Alpha 1: November 12
Alpha 2: November 16
Alpha 3: November 18
Alpha 4: November 30
Beta: December 3
Final Release: December 10

So yes, we are planning on a release just before Christmas and just about a month from now, so remember that if you have a serial code (yes, it’s still required) then you can download the final product by clicking on the link in the Notification Box or in the Update menu of the program itself. Enjoy these pictures until more come!

Announcement – Pixel Art v2.0

Yes, we are officially working on Pixel Art v2.0! This update is most likely not going to launch until late 2011 or early 2012, but when it does, we hope that will have a fresh new UI, a new feature or two, and new themes! That’s all we have for you right now, but to keep your mind going, enjoy the concept’s new icon!


*Black background will not be visible on final image*