Pixel Art v1.2 – Out Now

Yes, we have seriously pushed up the release date of Pixel Art v1.2, and this is due to the large number of new features that we feel are necessary to get released. Below is a list of the new features:

  • Updater: Disables download button
    • Please note that this fix will only effect testers of pre-released versions
  • Updater: Adds ‘Auto-Update’ option
    • This will notify you of any new updates that have been released automatically upon launch
    • This is enabled by default however can be disabled from the ‘Help’ menu
  • Updater: New update status text
    • We have made it so that instead of the status displaying on a button, it now displays as plain text
  • Updater: Fixes Crashing
    • If no internet connection is found while trying to update, the program will get a runtime error. This has been fixed as of this version
  • About: New Link
    • There is now a direct link to our website from the ‘About’ window
  • Notifications
    • There is now a new ‘Notifications’ panel under the ‘Grid’ panel on the main screen
    • This will only show up if a new update is detected via ‘Auto-Update’
  • Serial Required
    • As of this version, Pixel Art now requires a serial code to be used

So as you can definitely tell, this is a big update, which is why we felt the need to update it ASAP. So, be sure to download it and enjoy it if you have access to a serial code!


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