Pixel Art v2.0 – Information & Screenshots

Well, in the last update, we sort of left you on a cliff hanger with only the icon (for Alpha 1, it may change without notice), but we’re here today to reveal screenshots of the new themes and User Interface!

This is the theme Classic or known as Default in Pixel Art v1.0 – v1.2.

Blue & Green
This is the theme Blue & Green.

Orange & Pink
This is the theme Orange & Pink.

Windows Vista
This is the theme Windows Vista.

Windows 7
This is the theme Windows 7.

Gray Waves
This is a new theme to Pixel Art v2.0 known as Gray Waves because of it’s dark gray to light gray gradient top that fades into a light gray across the window. This theme was originally known as Adobe CS5 from Pixel Art v1.2, but was never put into the program until v2.0.

This is the new default theme and also a new theme to Pixel Art v2.0 known as Retro because of its bright and calming colours, and is also the first theme to Pixel Art that has an entirely gradient window.

So those are currently all the themes in Pixel Art v2.0, and we plan on adding one or two more to the final product, which brings us onto the topic of the release schedule.

Alpha 1: November 12
Alpha 2: November 16
Alpha 3: November 18
Alpha 4: November 30
Beta: December 3
Final Release: December 10

So yes, we are planning on a release just before Christmas and just about a month from now, so remember that if you have a serial code (yes, it’s still required) then you can download the final product by clicking on the link in the Notification Box or in the Update menu of the program itself. Enjoy these pictures until more come!


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