Frequently Asked Questions

For our third and final post for today, we are going to address some of the most frequently asked questions that we have gotten in our inbox regarding Pixel Art.

Why is Pixel Art not available for the public without a serial?
Pixel Art is available for anyone to download, but it does require a serial code to use. This is due to the auto-updater going through a public server that anyone can just get access to and download the program for free, but this way, we can track and control who has access to it. The reasoning for the serial code is that there has been too much work put into it to just distribute it for nothing, but we hope that one day it will be made available for everyone for a price of course, but very inexpensive.

Why is Pixel Art not free yet more advance programs are?
This is because the team working on Pixel Art is less than 5 people, therefore there is more work to be done by each person, whereas a more advanced program such as Paint.NET is free partially because their team is most likely bigger and less work has to be done by each person.

Why aren’t there more themes in Pixel Art?
Themes, like everything, take time to code, develop and test to make sure that they work correctly. We are trying to listen to what you want as a theme and add it in, and currently (as of Pixel Art v2.0 Beta 2) there are a total of 9 different themes from the basic blue theme to a world of Minecraft.

Why are there only 400 squares?
First off, we cannot believe that you counted all of them, so congrats for that! Secondly, coding the squares with less than 5 people is really a lot of work, and took us months upon month to do, which is why there is only 400 of them, but maybe one day there will be more, but not right now.

Why are there only 20 colours?
Those 20 colours are the default colours that are seen in Microsoft Paint 6.1, which is the most commonly used beginner program, which is why we chose those colours. We have plans to add more colours in the future, but not right now as there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Why is there no way to save a project and edit it at a later time?
This is a major thing that we want to add, but we are still exploring different ways to do this quickly and easily, but this is the main feature that we want to add the most, so when we get the chance and find a way to do it, we will!

Why are there only 3 picture file types?
.jpg, .png and .bmp are the most common image types, which is why we use those three. No other types have been requested, therefore we do not feel the need to add more.


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