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Pixel Art v3.0 – Release Date

After working on it for a month, we are finally ready to show off some screenshots, and announce a release date!

Main Window

Theme Window

900 Squares Window

We have made the default theme a darker yellow gradient colour, which we hope that you will like just as much as we do! Also, we have basically switched everything from the right side to the left side and vice versa, because after doing research, the main user controls are always on the left, and the form on the right, so we decided to join in on that train and do the same thing! As for the blank spot below the ‘Grid’ box, it may look weird at first, but eventually, it looks just as good as before!

Behind the scenes, there are even more changes, like changes to make it start up a lot faster, a message box at launch will appear if an update is available, and more!

As for the release date, we are currently aiming at March 3*, which will give us time to finish coding themes (possibly add more), work on the UI (feel free to comment below on what you think), and any other features we wish to add. We really want to make this one perfect like the original, and we intend on taking as long as we need to do so, but not Gran Turismo 5 long if you know what we mean.

*We reserve the right to change the release date without prior notice.


A Little More About Pixel Art v3.0

We admit, we sort of left you in the dark with the last post, as all we gave you was the new icon. But, today we will give you a little more information about the next major update coming to Pixel Art!

Pixel Art v2.0 was planned to be the biggest update ever to be released for Pixel Art, but it came with a lot of glitches that made it next to impossible to make a simple picture without editing it later in another program, which was not necessary in earlier versions. We released 3 further updates, and v2.3 was easily the largest of them, and it finally fixed all of the glitches and made it possible to make awesome and large pixel pictures right in the program, and then ready to send off to your friends and family. But, we didn’t want v2.3 to be known as the biggest update, as the biggest update should compose of more things than the previous major update, which is where the help of v3.0 comes in.

No, we are not making it 40×40 bringing it up to 1600 squares, as anymore than the current size of 30×30, and it will not be supported on some screen resolutions, and we already have to sacrifice compatibility for functionality. If we did not up-convert it to .NET Framework 4.0, the program would not be able to manage all 900 squares believe it or not. So us already doing something we didn’t want to do is where we drew the line, and didn’t want to risk any further compatibility issues, so we are sticking with the current 30×30.

If we aren’t adding anymore squares, what are we adding? Well, first off, we are giving the entire program a “face lift” and redoing the entire UI to make it a lot easier to navigate around. Also, we are making it start up a lot faster, in fact, about 2x or more faster than previous versions. New themes? Yes, you can expect those, as well as a new type of theme which will be revealed in a future update.

So new themes, new UI, faster start-up, and that’s just the beginning. We have a lot planned for this update, and we are expecting it to be ready for release just before March Break (if you’re not in Canada, that’s where school’s across the country give kids a week off, and occurs March 9-16). So, a lot more information will be coming out in the upcoming months, along with final system requirements as they have changed. Be sure to subscribe for the latest updates!

New Website, New Major Update

Ever since we first launched Pixel Art back in September, we have used the same basic colour scheme. Well, the time has come for a major overhaul! As you can already tell, we have re-designed the website to help get the new User-Interface out, and it look’s pretty awesome, but not as awesome as, yes, Pixel Art v3.0!

Although it was not that long ago when v2.0 was launched, we are working on it now and are planning on launching it either in February or March. Screenshots will be coming soon, so be sure to be on the look out! And, like previously when we teased Pixel Art v2.0, here is the new icon to keep you interested!


*Please note that the black background represents transparency and will not show on the final product. We reserve to make any changes without prior notice.*

Pixel Art v2.3 – Out Now

December 2011 was certainly a crazy month for us, as we released Pixel Art v2.0, only to confronted with a face full of glitches, errors and unwanted bugs. We fixed as many as we could right away, and released Pixel Art v2.1 shortly later. Then, soon after that, Pixel Art v2.2 came out and fixed even more of the unexpected errors and glitches.

But even Pixel Art v2.2 wasn’t glitch free. We admit, it made using the 900 squares window extremely difficult to save pictures, as it scattered the pixels all over the place. Well, Pixel Art v2.3 is here to save you from encountering that problem, and it does more than just that!

Some can argue that Pixel Art v2.3 is what Pixel Art v2.0 should have been, but what’s done is done, and this is where we are at right now. Pixel Art v2.3 finally kills every single bug that was found and could be found, as it went through weeks of testing before we finally released it. It also includes themes in the 900 squares window (excluding ‘Retro’ and ‘Minecraft’ as of this version), and it also fixes a few more minor bugs. So, be sure to download this version today, either via the auto-update within the program itself, or by using the link provided below!

Also, to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Muze Software Inc., we are giving away a free serial code for Pixel Art via Twitter (@muzesoftware) or email ( to anyone who simply asks for it! This offer starts today, January 7 and will last until the actual 1-year anniversary, January 14!

Pixel Art v2.3 Setup.exe: