Pixel Art v3.0 – Release Date

After working on it for a month, we are finally ready to show off some screenshots, and announce a release date!

Main Window

Theme Window

900 Squares Window

We have made the default theme a darker yellow gradient colour, which we hope that you will like just as much as we do! Also, we have basically switched everything from the right side to the left side and vice versa, because after doing research, the main user controls are always on the left, and the form on the right, so we decided to join in on that train and do the same thing! As for the blank spot below the ‘Grid’ box, it may look weird at first, but eventually, it looks just as good as before!

Behind the scenes, there are even more changes, like changes to make it start up a lot faster, a message box at launch will appear if an update is available, and more!

As for the release date, we are currently aiming at March 3*, which will give us time to finish coding themes (possibly add more), work on the UI (feel free to comment below on what you think), and any other features we wish to add. We really want to make this one perfect like the original, and we intend on taking as long as we need to do so, but not Gran Turismo 5 long if you know what we mean.

*We reserve the right to change the release date without prior notice.


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