Pixel Art – Where It’s At

Well, as you may have noticed, the number of updates from us has slowed down drastically, mainly due to the reason that we have done just about everything that we can do. Pixel Art v3.0 is just about ready for release, as only the themes need to be finished coding, then it will be done!

But what about future updates? Well, we are going to start to move a little further off of out monthly release cycle, and that may stretch out from a couple months to possibly quite a few months apart. We have finally gotten the program to what we think it should be at with v3.0, and we are eager to get it finished and released to the public this March!

Will there be a Pixel Art v4.0? As of right now, we are not planning for a Pixel Art v4.0. There may be a possibility for smaller updates to Pixel Art v3.0, but no future major updates are planned as of now.

Another question that continues to rise up, is will Pixel Art ever become free to the public? Well, when we released it, we specifically said that if we do release it to the public, it will be for a price. But, since other programs are available that do the same job as Pixel Art (and some a little more), we feel that it may become free to the public sometime later this year. However, this is subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to take the statement above back and release it for a price.

So, now you are caught up of where Pixel Art is at, and we hope we filled you in a bit.


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