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Pixel Art v4.0 – Coming Spring 2012

As we revealed in our last post, Project Next is an entirely new program that is still in the early development stages and is most likely not going to launch until late 2012, but what about until then? What about Pixel Art?

Well, we have been hard at work on the next update, and it has quickly grown into a major update, which is why we decided to bump it up from a minor release to a major release, in this case, Pixel Art v4.0.

Now, if you’ve been reading our posts recently, you’ll know what in v4.0, we said we would remove the requirement for a serial code. We are officially confirming and announcing that Pixel Art v4.0 & higher will not require a serial code.

But, that’s not all for this version. Below is a list of all of the new features/changes:

•900 Squares theme window has been removed
•400 Squares theme window has been removed
•Settings window has been added:
   -Change 400 Squares theme
   -Change 900 Squares theme
   -Enable/Disable themes
   -Enable/Disable auto updater
•Improved start-up speed
•Fixed start-up error
•Added button to activate as a developer
•Removed requirement for a serial code
•Improved theme changing speed
•Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

This version is currently still in testing and we hope to have it ready for release late Spring 2012!


Project Next – What Is It About?

Pixel Art has greatly since it was first launched in September 2011, and it is still evolving today. Pixel Art v3.0 is out, and the next version is also in the works and is set to launch in April – May 2012, but where does Project Next come into play?

Project Next is a completely new program that takes what Pixel Art can do to a whole new level. It’s going to have a different design, along with new features and more! It is currently in the design stage, and is most likely going to be released later this year.

Project ‘Next’ Is In The Works

Yup, Project Next is our next major program release, and as it’s on the Pixel Art website, you guessed right, it’s related to Pixel Art!

So what is it? We aren’t revealing too much just yet, but it will be a big release that you won’t want to miss. How big? If everything goes according to plans, it will be the biggest software release in Muze Software Inc.’s history.

Keep in touch for more updates about Project Next as time progresses.

Terms & Conditions of Usage – Updated

First off, we would like to thank everyone for their cooperation when the server was being worked the other day, and we quickly accomplished everything that we needed to get done.

Now to the main point, we have updated the terms and conditions of usage. If you have previously agreed to the terms and conditions of usage, you are automatically agreed to the new ones. To be unbound from the new ones, please uninstall the software, otherwise you will remain agreed to them. To see what they are, go to our ‘About Us’ page.

Server Maintenance Notice – March 6

This is just a brief update to let you know that tomorrow, March 6, we will be doing maintenance and testing on the automatic updater server, therefore you may get false readings from the program’s Auto Updater. Maintenance will take place from 2:30pm until roughly 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Pixel Art v3.0 – Out Now & Announcement

After a couple months in development, Pixel Art v3.0 is ready for release! We have added a new theme, changed the User Interface around a bit, and squashed all the pesky bugs that there were in v2.3.  Below we have attached a full list of changes/new features:

  • •New User-Interface
  • New Theme: Yellow Waves
  • New Server Location
  • Removed Notification Box
  • Added Pop-up Notifying Of New Update
  • ‘Update’ Button Now Located In ‘About’ Window

The update is free for anyone to download, but please remember that a serial code is required and can be gotten for free by simply emailing us at

Pixel Art v3.0 Setup.exe:


Now, for the announcement. Pixel Art as you know is a free program that requires an activation serial code to be used. Well, after lots of thought, we have decided that Pixel Art should be made available for everyone without the need for a serial code to activate it! Why? We looked at other programs that can do the same without a serial code, and we felt that it is only fair to do the same.

So, when will the need for a serial code be removed? Well, Pixel Art v3.0 does require a serial code, and so will any other updates within this major release cycle. But, when Pixel Art v4.0 is released (date is not yet available), we will remove the need for a serial code.

What does this mean? It means that anyone can use it fully without a serial code, and that we will be uploading the first two versions of the program for public download.

What about the versions that do require a serial code? Well, we will be posting a serial code in the ‘Download’ section of this website for anyone who wishes to use previous versions (although we highly recommend to always use the latest version of any software).