Pixel Art v3.0 – Out Now & Announcement

After a couple months in development, Pixel Art v3.0 is ready for release! We have added a new theme, changed the User Interface around a bit, and squashed all the pesky bugs that there were in v2.3.  Below we have attached a full list of changes/new features:

  • •New User-Interface
  • New Theme: Yellow Waves
  • New Server Location
  • Removed Notification Box
  • Added Pop-up Notifying Of New Update
  • ‘Update’ Button Now Located In ‘About’ Window

The update is free for anyone to download, but please remember that a serial code is required and can be gotten for free by simply emailing us at muzesoftware@gmail.com.

Pixel Art v3.0 Setup.exe: http://db.tt/l7QG1RQh


Now, for the announcement. Pixel Art as you know is a free program that requires an activation serial code to be used. Well, after lots of thought, we have decided that Pixel Art should be made available for everyone without the need for a serial code to activate it! Why? We looked at other programs that can do the same without a serial code, and we felt that it is only fair to do the same.

So, when will the need for a serial code be removed? Well, Pixel Art v3.0 does require a serial code, and so will any other updates within this major release cycle. But, when Pixel Art v4.0 is released (date is not yet available), we will remove the need for a serial code.

What does this mean? It means that anyone can use it fully without a serial code, and that we will be uploading the first two versions of the program for public download.

What about the versions that do require a serial code? Well, we will be posting a serial code in the ‘Download’ section of this website for anyone who wishes to use previous versions (although we highly recommend to always use the latest version of any software).


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