Pixel Art’s New Releases

First off, we felt like we should show you some new features in Pixel Art v4.0 when it launches next Saturday, so here you go:

  • 900 Squares theme window has been removed
  • 400 Squares theme window has been removed
  • Settings window has been added:
    -Change 400 Squares theme
    -Change 900 Squares theme
    -Enable/Disable themes
    -Enable/Disable auto updater
  • Improved start-up speed
  • Fixed start-up error
  • Added button to register as a developer
  • Removed requirement for a serial code
  • Improved theme changing speed
  • Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

Now, since Pixel Art is currently only available to an audience of less than 20 people, we realized that since this is now going fully public, we are going to have to sit up straight and really focus, and this is our biggest project yet!

Pixel Art has come a long way since it was first launched in September, but we didn’t think it was right to release it to the public without a serial code, until now. We have gotten it to the position to where we want it to be at, and we will be moving it into our monthly release cycle, with versions v4.1 thru v4.4 being released between May and August, up until v5.0 gets released in time for the 1-year celebration of Pixel Art! Please note that this release schedule is not the guaranteed schedule and we reserve the right to change it without prior notice.


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