Pixel Art v4.0 – Out Now

Pixel Art has really evolved since it first launched in September 2011. Back in September, Pixel Art had just 400 squares to make a pixel picture using the given 20 colours, but it has since gotten not just 400 squares, but 900 squares, along with 5 custom colour options that allow you to use any colour you can imagine!

Not just the painting options have changed, but also the UI has changed! Pixel Art v2.0 seen the removal of the menu bar, and the addition of buttons instead. Pixel Art v3.0 seen a complete redesign, and some new themes!

But, Pixel Art v4.0 doesn’t add more squares. It doesn’t add more custom colour options. It also doesn’t have a new design. What is does have is:

•900 Squares theme window has been removed
•400 Squares theme window has been removed
•Settings window has been added:
-Change 400 Squares theme
-Change 900 Squares theme
-Enable/Disable themes
-Enable/Disable auto updater
-Muze Unifying Network (Currently Unavailable)
•Improved startup speed
•Fixed startup error
•Added button to register as a developer
•Removed requirement for a serial code
•Improved theme changing speed
•Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

So, this update does have a lot of new features scattered around it, but there is one that no previous version included; the serial code requirement has been lifted, meaning anyone, with or without a serial code, can use the full version of Pixel Art! So, be sure to get creating those pictures, and if you have one that you really like, be sure to send it to us (muzesoftware@gmail.com), and we might just feature it on our website! So, be sure to download Pixel Art v4.0 today!

Pixel Art v4.0 Setup.exe: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bqm708254917mqj


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