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Pixel Art Getting The Metro UI?

We want to hear from you guys! With a lot more programs harnessing the Metro UI, we wanted to know if you want to see Pixel Art be the next to join them! Let us know below!


Pixel Art Custom Themes

Pixel Art hasn’t seen a new theme for a while (excluding the recently added Minecraft theme for the 900 square window), and we feel like we are holding you back, so we are going to turn things up a notch.

In a future update of Pixel Art, we will be adding the option for the user to add their own background into Pixel Art! Now, to avoid distorted images, we are providing you with the recommended size for perfect quality images:

  • 400 Square Window: 562 x 329 px
  • 900 Square Window: 701 x 456 px

So, we hope that you are looking forward to this update as much as we are!

Pixel Art v4.1 – Out Now

Yes, you read it right, Pixel Art v4.1 has been pushed up a month! What does this mean? The two previously announced features for v4.0.1 are included, but now the theme that was set for v4.1, Minecraft, is now featured in this update! We hope that you enjoy it, as it is the most requested theme, and has been since the original Minecraft theme!

To download, use either the auto-updater within Pixel Art, or click the download link below!

Pixel Art v4.1 Setup.exe:

Future Updates

With Pixel Art going public with Version 4.0, we feel that we need to pick up the pace and give what the users want, which is why we are going to move Pixel Art onto a monthly schedule, with a new release every second Saturday of each month (this release schedule is subject to change without prior notice), starting with v4.0.1!

But with this, we need to start planning in advanced what each version should have, and we have always felt that at Muze Software Inc., we would let you know what we’re adding as soon as it is added and is stable!

Version 4.0.1
This is a minor release that is coming out on May 12, 2012. It disables the auto-updater in the 900 square window to avoid seeing it twice. Also, it adds the Creative Commons icon in the ‘About’ window.

Version 4.1
Yes, this version is already in the works, and based on our new schedule, is set for release June 9, 2012. So far, we have added the Minecraft theme for the 900 square window, and hope to add a couple more themes into the program.

Pixel Art Creation Contest

Now that over 500 people have downloaded Pixel Art v4.0, we think that it is time to show our thanks to you guys by holding a contest! The winner will get access to Pixel Art Developer Version, which provides access to features not yet available to the general public and can range from new beta themes, the Muze Unifying Network, and more!

How To Enter

  • Email us a picture created in Pixel Art (
  • Submit as many images as you wish
  • The top 3 will get developer access to Pixel Art throughout 2012

The contest begins today and the deadline is May 19, 2012, so be sure to submit your pictures as soon as you can for your chance to win!