Monthly Archives: June 2012

Pixel Art v4.2 – Out Now

This isn’t as major of an update as previous updates, but it does address some performance and stability issues and improves the overall stability of the program. Also, there is work and preparations done for Muze Unifying Network behind the scenes. You can download it from the link below, and it is pending on our other websites that host the setup.

Pixel Art v4.2 Setup.exe:


Possibility Of No Updates Throughout The Summer

With Summer quickly approaching, it is usually the time when either developers slow down, or kick up a notch, but for us, it may be neither.

Since our lead developer is getting a surgery done, he will be basically stuck in bed for 2 months, starting in the beginning of July, meaning that there may be no updates in July or August, with updates hopefully returning in September.

Remember, this is not yet written in stone, so anything could change.