Below is a list of updates available for Pixel Art in Most Recent to Least Recent. Be sure to download the most recent update!

Pixel Art v5.0 Setup.exe:
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Pixel Art v4.2 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v4.1 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v4.0 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v3.0 Setup.exe:
Mirror (Softoxi):

Pixel Art v2.3 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v2.2 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v2.1 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v2.0 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v1.2 Setup.exe:

Pixel Art v1.1 Setup.exe: (No Serial Code Required)

Pixel Art v1.0 Setup.exe: (No Serial Code Required)

Serial Code For Versions Prior to v4.0: 96B3F-4621C-E57B9

  1. I noticed that it needs a serial code. Who do I contact to receive one?

  2. Is this project still on? You’ve not been around since 2012!

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