Pixel Art Creation Contest

Now that over 500 people have downloaded Pixel Art v4.0, we think that it is time to show our thanks to you guys by holding a contest! The winner will get access to Pixel Art Developer Version, which provides access to features not yet available to the general public and can range from new beta themes, the Muze Unifying Network, and more!

How To Enter

  • Email us a picture created in Pixel Art (muzesoftware@gmail.com)
  • Submit as many images as you wish
  • The top 3 will get developer access to Pixel Art throughout 2012

The contest begins today and the deadline is May 19, 2012, so be sure to submit your pictures as soon as you can for your chance to win!


Pixel Art – Softoxi Review

Every single image file that you might have stored on your computer contains a large number of pixels (or picture elements) which can be controlled or modified by using various applications. But what happens when you want to create a pixel picture from scratch? Well, one of the most easiest possible ways in which you can do that is simply by using the handy Pixel Art.

Pixel Art is an intuitive piece of software that was developed with the sole purpose of helping you create pixel images in a simple manner. Using this convenient application is extremely easy. All you have to do is create a new file, draw anything that comes through your mind (in pixel form) and save it as a BMP, GIF, JPG or PNG file. It can’t get much easier than that.

The reliable Pixel Art provides you with two types of frames which you can use in order to create your desired pixel image. You can use the 400 square window (20 x 20 squares) to quickly create smaller pixel images or, if this is not enough, you can easily switch to the larger 900 square window (30 x 30 squares) with just a click of a mouse.

Once you have selected the desired size of your pixel image, the simple Pixel Art put at your disposal an unlimited number of colors that you can choose from (both predefined and custom) in order to create your pixel art in no time. Furthermore, to help you out while creating your photo, this handy piece of software will display a grid which you can easily hide at any time.

Other than that, Pixel Art comes with a simple and minimalistic interface which provides you with several skins that you can switch between for a more pleasant visual aspect and the lack of menus or any kind of settings keeps the job of creating pixel images as easy as possible.
All in all, if you are looking for an easy to use and reliable piece of software that can help you quickly create pixel images, then you might want to give the handy Pixel Art a try.

Softoxi has also been kind enough to create a video tutorial which can be found here: http://www.softoxi.com/pixel-art-video-trailer-screenshots.html.

If you want to see more of what Softoxi reviewed (including virus scan reports), or to download it from their website, be sure to check out our page on it here: http://www.softoxi.com/pixel-art.html!

Pixel Art v4.0.1– Coming May 12

This is going to be a minor update featuring the following changes:

  • Disabled ‘Auto-Updater’ in the 900 Square window
  • Added Creative Commons image/link in the ‘About’ window

This update will be available via Mediafire on May 12, with links on Brothersoft and Softpedia following shortly!

We’re Now On Brothersoft & Softpedia!

When we say that we’ve come a long way since last September, we really have! We started out hosting our software on MultiUpload, but when that went down, we switched to Mediafire, and now here we are! Our installers will be on Mediafire until it goes down, but we are extremely proud to announce that Pixel Art can now be found on Softpedia and Brothersoft as well! We highly recommend those links over Mediafire, and they can be found on the ‘Downloads’ page!

Also, Pixel Art has been chosen as an Editors Pick on Brothersoft, and the 100% clean approval from Softpedia!

Pixel Art v4.0 – Out Now

Pixel Art has really evolved since it first launched in September 2011. Back in September, Pixel Art had just 400 squares to make a pixel picture using the given 20 colours, but it has since gotten not just 400 squares, but 900 squares, along with 5 custom colour options that allow you to use any colour you can imagine!

Not just the painting options have changed, but also the UI has changed! Pixel Art v2.0 seen the removal of the menu bar, and the addition of buttons instead. Pixel Art v3.0 seen a complete redesign, and some new themes!

But, Pixel Art v4.0 doesn’t add more squares. It doesn’t add more custom colour options. It also doesn’t have a new design. What is does have is:

•900 Squares theme window has been removed
•400 Squares theme window has been removed
•Settings window has been added:
-Change 400 Squares theme
-Change 900 Squares theme
-Enable/Disable themes
-Enable/Disable auto updater
-Muze Unifying Network (Currently Unavailable)
•Improved startup speed
•Fixed startup error
•Added button to register as a developer
•Removed requirement for a serial code
•Improved theme changing speed
•Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

So, this update does have a lot of new features scattered around it, but there is one that no previous version included; the serial code requirement has been lifted, meaning anyone, with or without a serial code, can use the full version of Pixel Art! So, be sure to get creating those pictures, and if you have one that you really like, be sure to send it to us (muzesoftware@gmail.com), and we might just feature it on our website! So, be sure to download Pixel Art v4.0 today!

Pixel Art v4.0 Setup.exe: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bqm708254917mqj

Pixel Art Joining Muze Unifying Network

The latest feature from Muze Software Inc. has been announced and it is the Muze Unifying Network, which is designed to connect all of your Muze programs into one, and give you exclusive features that would not be otherwise available!

Pixel Art is going to be joining this new network, and will most likely be the first to use it. Now, since this is still a concept program, Pixel Art v4.0 will not be getting it, but will most likely see it in either v4.1 or v4.2.

Pixel Art’s New Releases

First off, we felt like we should show you some new features in Pixel Art v4.0 when it launches next Saturday, so here you go:

  • 900 Squares theme window has been removed
  • 400 Squares theme window has been removed
  • Settings window has been added:
    -Change 400 Squares theme
    -Change 900 Squares theme
    -Enable/Disable themes
    -Enable/Disable auto updater
  • Improved start-up speed
  • Fixed start-up error
  • Added button to register as a developer
  • Removed requirement for a serial code
  • Improved theme changing speed
  • Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

Now, since Pixel Art is currently only available to an audience of less than 20 people, we realized that since this is now going fully public, we are going to have to sit up straight and really focus, and this is our biggest project yet!

Pixel Art has come a long way since it was first launched in September, but we didn’t think it was right to release it to the public without a serial code, until now. We have gotten it to the position to where we want it to be at, and we will be moving it into our monthly release cycle, with versions v4.1 thru v4.4 being released between May and August, up until v5.0 gets released in time for the 1-year celebration of Pixel Art! Please note that this release schedule is not the guaranteed schedule and we reserve the right to change it without prior notice.

Pixel Art v4.0 – Release Date

Pixel Art has really come a long way since it was first launched back in September 2011, and now, we are preparing it for the next major version, v4.0! This version includes a new UI (User-Interface), along with some welcome new features!

When does this version get released? We are currently setting the release date for April 14, 2012! Please note that we reserve the right to change it if we feel necessary without prior notice.

Pixel Art v4.0 – Coming Spring 2012

As we revealed in our last post, Project Next is an entirely new program that is still in the early development stages and is most likely not going to launch until late 2012, but what about until then? What about Pixel Art?

Well, we have been hard at work on the next update, and it has quickly grown into a major update, which is why we decided to bump it up from a minor release to a major release, in this case, Pixel Art v4.0.

Now, if you’ve been reading our posts recently, you’ll know what in v4.0, we said we would remove the requirement for a serial code. We are officially confirming and announcing that Pixel Art v4.0 & higher will not require a serial code.

But, that’s not all for this version. Below is a list of all of the new features/changes:

•900 Squares theme window has been removed
•400 Squares theme window has been removed
•Settings window has been added:
   -Change 400 Squares theme
   -Change 900 Squares theme
   -Enable/Disable themes
   -Enable/Disable auto updater
•Improved start-up speed
•Fixed start-up error
•Added button to activate as a developer
•Removed requirement for a serial code
•Improved theme changing speed
•Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

This version is currently still in testing and we hope to have it ready for release late Spring 2012!

Project Next – What Is It About?

Pixel Art has greatly since it was first launched in September 2011, and it is still evolving today. Pixel Art v3.0 is out, and the next version is also in the works and is set to launch in April – May 2012, but where does Project Next come into play?

Project Next is a completely new program that takes what Pixel Art can do to a whole new level. It’s going to have a different design, along with new features and more! It is currently in the design stage, and is most likely going to be released later this year.