Pixel Art v4.2
•Performance/stability improvements
•Work on Muze Unifying Network

Pixel Art v4.1
•Disable Auto-Updater In ‘900 Squares’ Window
•Added Creative Commons Image/Link In ‘About’ Window
•New Theme: Minecraft (900 Square Window)

Pixel Art v4.0
•900 Squares theme window has been removed
•400 Squares theme window has been removed
•Settings window has been added:
-Change 400 Squares theme
-Change 900 Squares theme
-Enable/Disable themes
-Enable/Disable auto updater
-Muze Unifying Network (Currently Unavailable)
•Improved startup speed
•Fixed startup error
•Added button to register as a developer
•Removed requirement for a serial code
•Improved theme changing speed
•Confirmation window appears when ‘New’ is clicked

Pixel Art v3.0
•New User-Interface
•New Theme:
-Yellow Waves
•New Server Location
•Removed Notification Box
•Added Pop-up Notifying Of New Updates
•’Update’ Button Now Located In ‘About’ Window

Pixel Art v2.3
•New Themes (900 Squares Only):
-Orange & Pink
-Blue & Green
-Red & Yellow
-Windows Vista
-Windows 7
•Fixes ‘Update’ glitch in 900 square window
•New ‘Custom Colour’ options
-5 custom colours (400 square window)
-5 custom colours (900 square window)
•Fixes panel save error
-Only effects the ‘900 Squares’ window
•New coding optimized for performance
•Option to reset all settings in ‘About’ window
•Fixed icon in 900 square save window
•Slight text change in ‘About’ window
•Disables maximize button in:
-Themes for 900 Squares window
-900 Squares window
-Update window

Pixel Art v2.2
•Fixes panel save error
-Only effects the ‘900 Squares’ window
•Fixes ‘Update’ window glitch

Pixel Art v2.1
•Fixed panel alignment
-400 Squares
-900 Squares

Pixel Art v2.0
•New User-Interface
•New Themes (400 Squares Only):
-Gray Waves
•Faster start-up
•New Coding
-Upconverted from VBS to VB.NET
-Runs using .NET Framework 4.0
•New Options
-900 Squares
-400 Squares

Pixel Art v1.2
•Updater: Disables download button (only effects testers)
•Updater: Adds ‘Auto-Update’ option (enabled by default)
•Updater: New update status text
•Updater: Stops from crashing if no Internet connection is found
•Serial Code: Now required to run the program
•About: Link to website in ‘About’ window
•Notifications: New notifications window

Pixel Art v1.1
•Theme: Added ‘Windows Vista’
•Theme: Added ‘Windows 7’
•Menu: Rearranged ‘Edit’ menu
•Menu: Added ‘Check for Updates’

Pixel Art v1.0
• First release

*Please note that updates that have not yet been released may be cancelled or have features that are listed remove or features that are not listed added.


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